What Have YOU Done For Miniature Books?

I’ve always been a collector.Of everything and anything.Along with my favorite object set of the hour,there were books, from my early teen years. Weather it was a greater mastery of the English language through fiction or the knowledge housed in a reference work, I knew that books equal power. In my late teens miniature books were thrown into the mix, which added craftsmanship and art to the list of benefits that books provide.
Books are expensive though, and I’ve never been a man of means. Which has led me to some creative ways to acquire them. In my school years, while mom was scrimping and saving just to make ends meet, I was skipping lunch to save my lunch money for books. I also found out quickly that, as a youth, that if you have a legitimate interest and show a little knowledge, and are just cute most sellers will give you a pretty good break. I exploited that cute factor for as long as I could to build my library.
I found out early on, scrap dealers will pay you for aluminium cans, so yes, I am that guy in the Wal-Mart parking lot picking up dirty beer cans.
I would walk the ten miles downtown to save the $1.70 fare so I could spend it on books. I have skipped utility payments and driven without insurance to buy an especially nice or rare book. In fact, the book bill is the only one I’m always sure to pay on time, before everything else.
More recently, I’ve discovered that there are places that will pay you to “donate” the plasma part of your blood. I’ve started a small internet business selling nice things I don’t necessarily want or need so I can buy books that I do want but don’t need. All this while working as a machinist 55 hours a week.
I’m constantly searching bookstores and antique shops, thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales, trolling ebay and vialibri, and perusing dealer’s catalogs from coast to coast, in short, I go where ever the books are. All this I do just for one more volume.

So, what do YOU do for miniature books?

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