The Dillon’s 1969 Reprint of Schloss’s London Bijou Almanac for 1843

Here’s a nice little thing done up in 1969. It is a 50% photographic enlargement of the Schloss’s London Bijou Almanac for 1843.
The set, available in 1969 for $13.50 includes a folder with a short history of the almanacs, one set of uncut sheets, to bind your own, and the replica almanac itself. It measures 1 1/2 x 15/16 inches and is bound in brown glove leather. It was released in an edition of 65. This is number 59.

The original almanac was entirely engraved, an amazing feat considering the size. I wish I had one.
You can read more about this one in The Miniature Book News, Number 17, September 1969.

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