The Bite-Sized Book of Bite-Sized Recipes

You can add Kickstarter to the list of things I’ve done for miniature books.


The Bite-Sized Book of Bite-Sized Recipes is the first miniature book I’ve bought supporting a kickstarter project. It is written and published by Catherine Murray and is quite tiny.


The Bite-Sized book contains twenty tiny recipes for sweet and savory mini foods perfect for your next miniature book party or conclave.

I’m not sure if it is still available from the but I will find out and provide contact information if it is.

I just contacted Catherine and here is her reply:
Absolutely, I do have book copies for sale. The majority of them are still in production and will be done in a few weeks. Please direct them to this Etsy site for sales and to my Bite-Sized blog for more info:

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