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Tribute to the Arts- Joint REM/Mosaic Book

Tribute to the Arts was the joint keepsake of Bob Massmann and Miriam Irwin for the Miniature Book Society conclave II in Boston in 1984. It is known as a peepshow book and is Bob’s second, Moby Dick Meets the Pequod being the first in 1968.


Here is the book with its slipcover.


Look through the peephole and extend the book according to the directions and you’ll be treated to a 3D scene at the symphony.


The structure that gives us this wonderful effect looks like this.

Interestingly, Bob chose not to include this one in his bibliography so it doesn’t show up in Bradbury either. REM did, however, sneak it into one of his alternate bibliographies, “Second Roster Of Lilliputia Spewed Out By Robert Massmann As Ephemera Not Previously Recorded Or Published Jointly With others” as entry #1 in 1990.