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The Bite-Sized Book of Bite-Sized Recipes

You can add Kickstarter to the list of things I’ve done for miniature books.


The Bite-Sized Book of Bite-Sized Recipes is the first miniature book I’ve bought supporting a kickstarter project. It is written and published by Catherine Murray and is quite tiny.


The Bite-Sized book contains twenty tiny recipes for sweet and savory mini foods perfect for your next miniature book party or conclave.

I’m not sure if it is still available from the but I will find out and provide contact information if it is.

I just contacted Catherine and here is her reply:
Absolutely, I do have book copies for sale. The majority of them are still in production and will be done in a few weeks. Please direct them to this Etsy site for sales https://www.etsy.com/shop/photokitchen and to my Bite-Sized blog for more info: http://photokitchen.net/category/mini-cookbook/

Kindregarten Wisdom- Ward Schori or REM?

Sometimes you come across something that doesn’t fit neatly into your library, or could be classified under different categories. Here is one such item I’ve recently acquired and how I’ve decided to handle it.


Kindergarten Wisdom was printed by Ward Schori in 1988 on wonderful, shimmery paper that is not identified. It is limited to 99 copies and the half-title is signed by Ward.


The binding, however is a one-of-a-kind binding done by Robert E. Massman and has a matching slipcase. I love the overlaid picture on both the cover and slipcase that appears to be hand colored, and the purple cloth.


Laid in the book is this short note explaining how this all came to be.

So where does this one belong? My library is organized by publisher so it would seem natural that it would end up with other Press of Ward Schori books but because I have a special interest in REM, and because it is a unique item, it ends up with mt Massmann ephemera.

Jemma Lewis Marbling Design


Here’s my new miniature marbled paper mix from Jemma Lewis Marbling Design. It’s all on a nice 45g white paper and the marbling is quite fine, perfect for miniature books. I can’t wait to use this in my next project, hand, heal quickly.

You should check out her website at:

she has not only several patterns of miniature papers but a wide range of larger papers as well as marbling supplies and marbled gift items.

The available patterns seems to rotate so check occasionally to find just the right paper.

The Twenty Third Psalm- Achille J. St. Onge

Ok, I know, at 3 5/8″ The Twenty Third Psalm isn’t a REAL miniature, but why can’t we have honorary miniature books?
This book has enjoyed the largest press runn of ant St. Onge book. 18,657 copies in two editions, in 1965 and 1975. It has been noted in The Microbibliophile that of the first edition there were several variants. In the November 2013 issue it is noted: White binding 1 copy, 6 additional copies bound in various cloth colors.

Here are three first printings, all with different bindings. The first one is in the standard green gilt morocco. The second in an unusual tan leather, and the third in a very rare white gilt morocco. I threw The Night Before Christmas in there because it looks good with the others and to say Merry Christmas to you all.


Inside, every page is wonderfully illustrated with the homey and comforting artwork of Tasha Tudor, very fitting for the subject matter, I think.

What Have YOU Done For Miniature Books?

I’ve always been a collector.Of everything and anything.Along with my favorite object set of the hour,there were books, from my early teen years. Weather it was a greater mastery of the English language through fiction or the knowledge housed in a reference work, I knew that books equal power. In my late teens miniature books were thrown into the mix, which added craftsmanship and art to the list of benefits that books provide.
Books are expensive though, and I’ve never been a man of means. Which has led me to some creative ways to acquire them. In my school years, while mom was scrimping and saving just to make ends meet, I was skipping lunch to save my lunch money for books. I also found out quickly that, as a youth, that if you have a legitimate interest and show a little knowledge, and are just cute most sellers will give you a pretty good break. I exploited that cute factor for as long as I could to build my library.
I found out early on, scrap dealers will pay you for aluminium cans, so yes, I am that guy in the Wal-Mart parking lot picking up dirty beer cans.
I would walk the ten miles downtown to save the $1.70 fare so I could spend it on books. I have skipped utility payments and driven without insurance to buy an especially nice or rare book. In fact, the book bill is the only one I’m always sure to pay on time, before everything else.
More recently, I’ve discovered that there are places that will pay you to “donate” the plasma part of your blood. I’ve started a small internet business selling nice things I don’t necessarily want or need so I can buy books that I do want but don’t need. All this while working as a machinist 55 hours a week.
I’m constantly searching bookstores and antique shops, thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales, trolling ebay and vialibri, and perusing dealer’s catalogs from coast to coast, in short, I go where ever the books are. All this I do just for one more volume.

So, what do YOU do for miniature books?

The Lullaby Book of Poems

This is one of those books I’ve wanted forever so I bought it as a Christmas gift to myself this year. It’s written by Eugene Field and published by Schori Press in 1963. It has 63 pages and measures 2 x 2 3/16″.

With hand painted Morocco covers by Josephina Diez it is one of the most beautiful 20th century miniature books.

The glittery pages make the poems a fairyland joy to read. Robert Bradbury list’s it as #36 in his list of 100 favorite 20th century US miniature books. It was Ward Schori’s second miniature book.


My copy is number 101 of 600.

16 Original Haiku- Artist Book

Here is 16 Original Haiku- written and bound by local artist, Amy Fishbach. Amy is a co-founder of Art Books Cleveland, and specializes in Japanese bindings. Art Books Cleveland’s mission is to explore, encourage, and teach both contemporary and traditional artistic practices of the hand-made book.
This one is 3″ x 2 3/4″ and is hand written and hand bound with a traditional Japanese binding. If you like Amy’s work, email me and I’ll put you in touch with her.

Yellow Slickers

Here’s another of my favorite miniature books. This one is Yellow Slickers, a photo book by Marjorie Coffey, Coffey Grounds Press, 1999. It measures 3″ x 2 3/8″. It has no text but is simply a series of fourteen photos of two children playing in the rain. The part I like best though is that it’s bound in yellow raincoat material!


My book is signed and numbered 2 of 15. I’m told that Marjorie spent the whole weekend at the conclave in her raincoat with her little books, how fun is that?


“April showers bring forth bold explorers in YELLOW SLICKERS.”