Miniature Triangle Books

I didn’t set out to collect triangles. They just come to me. As a result, I think that in the future, I’ll pursue with some purpose. With the arrival of my newest addition, the absolutely stunning ” Agathon’s Book of Dreams” came the idea to write about them, so herein I will describe four that are now in the library at Booksby, in chronological order.

Sukie’s Tiny Tepee
My earliest trianglebook is “Sukie’s Tiny Tepee, A Sketch Book”. Published by REM Miniatures in 1970, it contains 20+ pages of Helene Sherman’s delightful illustrations of her miniature poodle, Sukie, all hand colored by REM and his wife, Eloise.It has a conventional book structure with pages attached at a spine. Overall it is a 2 3/4″ equilateral triangle and was produced in 250 unnumbered copies.


About Art
The next representative is “About Art” published by Iron Bear Press in 2000.

The entire book is a series of illustrated adverbs as they relate to the word art, such as within art and beyond art.

The structure is quite different however, and functions like a three sided accordion. If you were try to view it by turning the pages, you would have to go through it three times to see the entire book. Again this one is a 2 3/4″ equilateral triangle with an overlaid, removable ribbon. Ink jet printedand hand bound by K. J. Miller, it is signed and numbered #38 of 100.

The Seventh Year of Bo Press
Here we have “The Seventh Year of Bo Press” by Pat Sweet, 2013. Leave it to Pat to be different. As it was her seventh year as a publisher this book is all in sevens. It is an isosceles triangle, one seventh of a heptagon, and it is an edition of seven, mine being copy red, one of the seven colors of the rainbow. Again, this is a conventional , all attached at the spine.

The contents are all the books and miniatures made at Bo Press in 2013. Includes a tiny bookmark.

Agathon’s Book of Dreams
Finally we come to the newest triangle book, “Agathon’s Book of Dreams” by Emil Goozairow, published in 2014. With velvet blue covers and a sterling relief outside and a lavishly illustrated dream sequence inside, this book is a supremely satisfying work of art. At 55 mm, this equilateral triangle is a little smaller then the standard edition

“Incomprehensible Animal”
The art work within is enchanting with fanciful creations and vibrant colors.

“Cats and Ship”

This one also has that unusual concertina construction.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my new area of specialization. If you find any cool miniature triangle books, dropme a line, I’d love to have a look.

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