Miniature Books With Unusual Structure

Here are a couple of photos I used in a recent talk on miniature books. I used them to discuss abnormal book structures.


The books are, clockwise from the green book on the left: 1. Pequeno Press by Pat Baldwin 2. About Art published by Iron Bear Press 3. Quote by Robert Frost, published by Jan Becker 4. Collector’s Clean Sweep by Robert E. Massmann, published by REM Miniatures 5. Bibliography of REM Miniatures Fourth Supplement, also REM 6. Eight Maya Glyphs published by Eve Press.


Here we see them opened up. Most are variations on an accordion or concertina type structure except the REM Bibliography which is a triple dos-a-dos with a weird origami page fold, and Collector’s Clean Sweep which is a conventional book with a spine, but shaped like a broom.

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