Miniature Books- Louis Bondy

I’ve wanted to do a series on essential and nonessential reference works on miniature books so here’s the first installment.

This is the first edition of “Miniature Books, Their History From the Beginnings to the Present Day” by Louis Bondy, published by the Shepard Press in London in 1981. This is the most important reference on miniature books for the beginning collector. It gives the complete history of miniature books from the 16th century to the late 20th century, although the information is heavily in favor of Books from England.

I have a later edition of this book republished by Richard Joseph Publishers of Oxford in 1994, after the death of Bondy, but this copy is special in that it was the personal copy of Hilda Neiman, and contains her notes about books she’d purchased, many from her friend, Ruth Adomeit.

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