Decalogus- Jan & Jarmila Sabota

An unusual shape book, Decalogus is the ten commandments in ten languages. It is the first miniature book the Sabota’s made upon their return to the Czech Republic in 1999. They had previously worked in Ohio and Texas during communist rule in Eastern Europe, but were able to return home after the fall of the Soviet Union. We lost Jan in 2012 but Jarmila is still making beautiful books, both miniature and large.

The book is in a cruciform shape and has a hand tooled leather binding with gold stamping. It comes in the lovely gold bag as well.
The text is printed in gold on handmade paper in a numbered edition of 100, of which this is 59. I won this one at the MBS annual silent auction in Boston last year and Jarmila tells me it’s the last copy she had.

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