Grace Drayton and Miniature Books

IMG_5375IMG_5376American artist, Grace Drayton (1877-1936) is best known as the creator of the Campbells Kids, the cherub faced cuties that were friends to generations of soup eaters, and her Dolly Dingle paper dolls that first appeared in the Pictorial Review. Less well known are the several miniature books she wrote and illustrated. All of the books I’ve seen were published by John H. Eggers of New York, which would make an interesting study by itself. The first series that I’m aware of is the Baby Bear series published in 1920. The books are 2″ x 2 5/8″ with eight pages each and are illustrated in color. The twelve books are: Baby Bears Visit Grandma, and eleven other titles beginning with Baby Bears &… The Wishing Rings, The Honey Pot, April Showers, Christmas, The Robbers, The Snow Man, Elly El, The Valentines, Weather Cock, Mad Mark Hare, and Mrs Kitty.
The next series are the Dolly Dingle books of 1921 or 1922. They measure about 2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ and contain eight pages as well but are illustrated in monotone. Three titles, Dolly Dingle in Belgium, Dolly Dingle in Ireland, and Dolly Dingle in Scotland are listed in Welsh as numbers 2517 -2519. There is also one for England in this series and another series including books for Holland, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland, but I haven’t seen any of these myself.
The last group of books are somewhat of a mystery to me as I haven’t been able to find any specific information on them yet. They are accordion fold of various sizes and are illustrated all in color, but are cur out of magazines, the Pictorial Review I strongly suspect. I have five of these oddities: Bobby and Dolly and the Fido Bank, Good Manners, Minty Mouse, The Little Quack Quacks, and Hippo. The first four came from Paige Thornton’s collection and the fifth from that of Hilda Neiman. If any of my gentle readers have any information that they would like to share about these or any other Grace Drayton miniature books, please email me and I will include it in an updated post sometime in the future. IMG_5374

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